Complete Results: Sindh Assembly as per ECP's Form 47

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February 9, 2024 01:45 AM

PS-1 Jacobabad-I: PPPP Sher Muhammad Mughiri has won the election with 48385 votes while Independent candidate Abdul Razaq Khan remained second with 18115 votes. 

 PS-2 Jacobabad-II: PPPP Sohrab Khan Sirki has won the election with 53298 votes while JUI Shafiq Ahmed Khoosa remained second with 47662 votes.

PS-3 Jacobabad-III: Independent candidate Mir Mumtaz Hussain Khan secured 39,500 votes and PPP's Mir Auarangzeb Panhor received  29,700 votes. Mir Mumtaz won the seat by 9,800. 

PS-4 Kashmore-I: PPP's Haji Abdul Rauf Khosa won by getting 58000 votes while independent candidate Mir Ghalib Domki got 22320 votes.

PS-5 Kashmore-II: PPP candidate Abid Khan Sundarani won by getting 31132 votes while JUI's Hafiz Rabnawaz Chachar got 21052 votes.

PS-6 Kashmore-III: PPP's Mehboob Ali Khan Bejarani won by 76,420 votes. He bagged 86,365 while JUI's Abdul Qayyum could take 9,945 only.

PS-7 Shikarpur-I: PPP's candidate Imtiaz Ahmad Shaikh won from PS-7 by getting 60904 votes. JUI(F) candidate Agha Taimur Pathan came second with 43575 votes.

PS-8 Shikarpur-II: PPP's Muhammad Arif Khan Maher won the seat by getting 59021 votes. JUI's candidate Abid Hussain Jatoi  secured 36037votes for second position. 

PS-9 Shikarpur-III: PPP candidate Agha Siraj Durrani won by getting 63760 votes while JUI candidate Rushdullah Amruti got 25634 votes.

PS-10 Larkana-I: PPP's Faryal Talpur won the seat by 65750 votes. She attained 85,800 votes while second position holder JUI's Kifayatullah could get only 20050 votes. 

PS-11 Larkana-II: PPP candidate Jameel Soomro won by getting 41158 votes while Kazim Ali Khan of GDA got 20807 votes.

PS-12 Larkana-III: PPP's Sohail Anwar Sial secured the victory by 23889 votes. He gained 55,765 votes and GDA's Moazzam Khan Abbasi bagged 31876 votes. 

PS-13 Larkana-IV: PPP's Adil Altaf Anwar declared winner by 86526 votes. He achieved 89824 votes while JUI's Naseer Muhammad attained 3298 votes only. 

PS-14 Qambar Shahdadkot-I: PPP candidate Mir Nadir Magsi won by getting 38000 thousand votes while GDA candidate Mir Muzaffar Brohi got 20000 votes

PS-15 Qambar Shahdadkot-II: PPP candidate Nisar Khoro won by getting 24000 votes while PML-N candidate Mir Humayun Khan Mughiri got 17000 votes.

PS-16 Qambar Shahdadkot-III: PPPP Sardar Khan Chandio has won the election with 38057 votes while PTI-backed independent candidate Muhammad Ali Hakaro remained second with 12581 votes.

PS-17 Qambar Shahdadkot-IV: PPP's candidate Burhan Khan Chandio won with 39540 votes while GDA candidate Javed Khokhar came second with 15460 votes.

PS-18 Ghotki-I: The Eelection Comission of Pakistan has ordered to stop the results for reaccounting two polling stations. 

PS-19 Ghotki-II: An independent candidate Nadir Akmal won by getting 55683 votes while PP Sardar Abdul Bari Patafi got 44186 votes.

PS-20 Ghotki-III: PPP's Sardar Muhammad Bakhsh Mahar won the seat by 78030. He got 87431 while JUI-F Muhammad Ishaq Lagari got 9401 votes and stood second. 

PS-21 Ghotki-IV: PPP candidate Sardar Ali Nawaz Mehr won while JUI-F Ghulam Ali Abbas got 29273 votes.

PS-22 Sukkur-I: Akramullah Khan Dharijo of PPP wins the seat by 1675 votes. He got 42175 votes while his runner-up could get 40500 votes. 

PS-23 Sukkur-II: PPPP Syed Awais Qadir Shah has won the election with 69266 votes while GDA Anayatullah remained second with 21137 votes.

 PS-24 Sukkur-III: PPPP Syed Farukh Ahmad Shah has won the election with 41235 votes while independent candidate Mubeen Ahmed remained second with 19622 votes.

PS-25 Sukkur-IV: PPP’s candidate Syed Nasir Hussain Shah won by getting 51792 votes while JUI's Ameer Bakhsh alias Mir Meher got 25059 votes.

PS-26 Khairpur-I: PPP's leader Syed Qaim Ali Shah won the seat with a margin of 27667 votes. He got 47234 votes while his runner-up Imam Bakhsh Palputo acheived 19567 votes. 

PS-27 Khairpur-II: Halar Wassan of PPP wins the seat by 102616 votes. He attains 120506 votes while JUI's aspirant Shareef Burno could achieve  17,890 votes. 

PS-28 Khairpur-III: PPPP Sajid Ali Banbhan has won the election with 59217 votes while GDA Ismail Shah remained second with 54839 votes.

PS-29 Khairpur-IV: PPP's Sheraz Shaukat has won with 69,590 votes while GDA's Rafique Bhabin came second with 45,734.

PS-30 Khairpur: PPPP Naeem Ahmad Kharal has won the election with 57000 votes while GDA Sheikh Khalid Hussain remained second with 26913 votes

PS-31 Khairpur-I: GDA Syed Muhammad Rashid Shah has won the election with 58091 votes while PPPP Muhammad Bachal Shah remained second with 51769 votes.

PS-32 Naushahro Feroze-II: Syad Sarfaraz Hussain Shah of PPP won by getting 58761 votes while Syed Zohaib Ali Shah of GDA's candidate was defeated by 27413 votes.

PS-33 Naushahro Feroze-III: PPP candidate Syed Hasan Ali Shah won by getting 60617 votes while GDA candidate Shakeel Jalbani got 28175 votes.

PS-34 Naushahro Feroze-IV: PPP candidate Mumtaz Ali Chandio won by getting 52385 votes while GDA's Shahnawaz Khan Jatoi got 46442 votes.

PS-35 Naushahro Feroze-IV: PPP candidate Ziaul Hasan won by getting 79744 votes while GDA candidate Masroor Ahmad Jatoi got 29529 votes.

PS-36 Nawabshah-I: PPPP Azra Fazal has won the election with 75866 votes while PTI-backed independent candidate Meer Bahawal Khan Rind remained second with 16657 votes.

PS-37 Nawabshah-II: PPPP Javed Iqbal has won the election with 70383 votes while PTI-backed Anayatullah Rind remained second with 20492 votes.

PS-38 Nawabshah-III: PPP's Ghulam Qadir Chandio won the seat by getting 66,121 votes while GDA's Syed Zain Ul Abadin secured 40,839.   

PS-39 Nawabshah-IV: PPPP Bahadur Khan Chandiyo has won election with 69876 votes while GDA Arif Neyaz Arain remained second with 15015 votes.

PS-40 Sanghar-I: GDA Ghulam Dastageer Rajar has won the election with 56345 votes while PPPP Naveed Dero remained second with 52923 votes.

PS-41 Sanghar-II: PPPP Ali Hassan has won the election with 63750 votes while GDA Qazi Shams Deen remained second 62118 votes.

PS-42 Sanghar-III: PPPP Jam Shabbir Ali Khan has won the election with 58383 votes while GDA Jam Nafees Ali Khan came second with 47999 votes.

PS-43 Sanghar-IV: PPPP Paras Dero has won the election with 67851 votes while GDA Niaz Hussain remained second with 23869 votes.

PS-44 Sanghar-V: PPP candidate Shahid Khan Thahim won with 59630 votes. GDA candidate Mohammad Bakhsh Khaskheli came second with 48200.

PS-45 Mirpur Khas-I: PPP candidate Hari Ram Keshwari Lal won with 33197 votes while MQM candidate Dr. Zafar Kamali got 20,099 votes.

PS-46 Mirpur Khas-II: PPPP Syed Zulfiqar Ali Shah has won the election with 51656 votes while independent candidate Shuja Muhammad Shah remained second with 30096 votes.

PS-47 Mirpur Khas-III:PPPP Noor Ahmad Bhurgari has won the election with 56522 votes while independent candidate Faisal Khachalo remained second with 17420 votes.

PS-48 Mirpur Khas-IV:  PPP's Tariq Ali won the seat after getting 66,002 votes while GDA's Anayat Ullah got 15638 votes from PS-48.

PS-49 Umerkot-I: PPP's Syed Sardar Shah won the seat after securing 56791 votes while GDA's Khizar Hayat could get 23987 votes.

PS-50 Umerkot-II: PPP Ameer ALi Shah won the seat by getting 59231 votes. GDA's Ghulam Nabi could get only 17121 votes. 

PS-51 Umerkot-III: PPP candidate Nawab Taimur Talpur won by getting 58958 votes while GDA’s dost Muhammad Memon got 27725 votes.

PS-52 Tharparkar-I: PPP candidate Dost Muhammad Rahmon won by getting 70530 votes while GDA's Sher Khan Samijo got 18230 votes.

PS-53 Tharparkar-II: PTI-backed Murtaza Khan has won the election with 40825 votes while ANP Muhammad Zahid remained second with 20661 votes.

PS-54 Tharparkar-III: Faqir Sher Muhammad of PPP won with 69088 votes while GDA Arbab Fawad got 34413 votes.

PS-55 Tharparkar-IV: PPP candidate Arbab Lutfullah won by getting 107552 votes while GDA's candidate got 17702 votes.

PS-56 Matiari-I: PPP candidate Makhdoom Mehboobuzaman won by getting 72178 while PML-N candidate Naseer Memon got 35432 votes.

PS-57 Matiari-II: PPP's Mukhdoom Fakhar Zaman won the seat by securing 52175 votes. GDA's candidate Syed Jalal Shah received 44873 votes for the second position. 

PS-58 Tando Allahyar-I: PPP's Syed Abbas Shah has won with 57,217 while GDA's Raheela Magsi remained second with 42587 votes. 

PS-59 Tando Allahyar-II: PPP's Imdad Ali Pitafi won the seat by securing 47383 votes while GDA's candidate stood second after getting 38969.

PS-60 Hyderabad: PPP candidate Jam Khan Shoro won the seat after getting 38186 votes while his close rival GAD’s candidate Ayaz Latif Pleeju lost with 6917 votes.

PS-61 Hyderabad:  PPP’s leader Sharjeel Inam Memon has won by getting 63638 votes.  JUI-F Saeed Talpur lost with 11,719 votes.

PS-62 Hyderabad-III: MQM Sabir Hussain has won the election with 24385 votes while PPPP Abdul Jabbar Khan remained second with 18209 votes.

PS-63 Hyderabad-IV: PTI-backed independent candidate Muhammad Rehan Rajpoot won the seat with the margin of 28462 votes. He secured 40306 votes while MQM Kamran Shafique attained 11844.  

PS-64 Hyderabad-V: MQM's Muhammad Rashid Khan has won with 35,235 votes. PTI-backed independent candidate Naeem Uddin could get 26,063.

PS-65 Hyderabad-VI: MQM's Nasir Hussain Qureshi has won with 23,184 votes. PTI-backed independent candidate Shoaib Shaukat could get 14,321.

PS-66 Tando Muhammad Khan-I: PPP's Syed Ijaz Hussain has won with 47,649 votes. An ndependent candidate Ahmad Saeed Khan could get 17,632.

PS-67 Tando Muhammad Khan-II:  PPP's Khuram Kareem Somroo has won with 51,889 votes. Khadmin Sindh's candidate Qadir Bukhsh Magsi  could get 16602. 

PS-68 Badin: PPPP Muhammad Haliputo has won the election with 63348 votes while GDA Mansoor Ali Nazamani remained second with 14203 votes.

PS-69 Badin: PPPP Mir Allah Bukhsh Talpure has won the election with 38759 votes while GDA Mir Abdullah Khan remained second with 33378 votes.

PS-70 Badin: PPP candidate Arbab Amanullah won first place with 44126 votes while Hasnain Mirza of GDA got 36861 votes

PS-71 Badin: PPP candidate Taj Muhammad Mallah won by getting 40936 votes while GDA candidate Hussam Mirza came second with 30726 votes.

PS-72 Badin 2: PPP Ismail Rahu won by getting 39849 votes while Ameer Azad Panhor of GDA got 24296 votes.

PS-73 Sajawal: PPP candidate Shah Hussain Shirazi won by getting 58512 votes while JUI candidate Maulana Ismail got 5390 votes.

PS-74 Sajawal: PPP candidate Muhammad Ali Khan Malkani won by getting 83900 votes while Abdul Sattar Kehar got 14259 votes.

PS-75  Thatta : PPP's candidate Riaz Hussain Shah Sherazi won the seat by 45624 votes. He secured 47,619 votes while his close rival  Syed Amjad Hussain Shah, an independent candidate could get only 1995 votes. 

PS-76 Thatta: PPP candidate Ali Hasan Zardari won by 71,984 votes while Altaf Kuchi of TLP got 2,165 votes.

PS-77 Jamshoro-1: PPP's Syed Murad Ali Shah has won with  67513 votes. The security of GDA candidate Roshan Ali Barro has been confiscated. 

PS-78 Jamshoro-II: PPP's Sikandar Ali Shoroo remained successful with 30477 votes. His opponent got 15768 votes. 

 PS-79 Jamshoro-III: PPPP Malik Sikandar Khan has won the election with 42959 votes while independent candidate Malik Changaiz Khan remained second with 7849 votes.

PS-80 Dadu-I: PPP's Abdul Aziz Junejo won with 35,549 votes while his rival from GDA Karim Jatoi only secured 24,946 votes.

PS-81 Dadu-II: PPP candidate Fayyaz Butt won by getting 54338 votes while the GDA candidate Liaquat Jatoi got 46963 votes.

PS-82 Dadu-III: PPPP Pir Mujeebul Haq has won the election with 44565 votes while GDA  Ashiq Ali ZaoNar remained second with 19618 votes.

PS-83 Dadu-IV: Peer Saleh Shah Jellani of PPP attained 52,340 and Imdad Hussain Laghari of GDA 22683. 

PS-84 Karachi Malir-I: Muhammad Yousaf Baloch of PPP won with 25,348 votes and independent candidate's Peer Hafiz Ullah 13437.

PS-85 Karachi Malir-II: PPP's Mohammad Sajid won by getting 27791 votes. PML-N's Pir Hafeezullah came second with 14304 votes. 

 PS-86 Karachi Malir-III: PPP's candidate Abdul Razzaq Raja secured 15017 votes and PML-N Muhammad Yaqoob got 6,633. 

PS-87 Karachi Malir-IV: PPP Mahmood Alam Jamot has won the election with 19220 votes while PTI-backed independent candidate Taos Khan remained second with 7703 votes.

PS-88 Karachi Malir-V: PTI-backed independent candidate Ijaz Khan has won with 17580 votes while PPP Syed Muzamil Shah remained second with 12762 votes.

PS-89 Karachi Malir-VI: PPPP Muhammad Saleem has won the election with 25326 votes while Independent candidate Ehsan Khattak remained second with 15768 votes.

PS-90 Karachi Korangi-I: MQM Shariq Jamal has won the election with 35609 votes while PTI-backed independent candidate Waqas Iqbal remained second with 32645 votes.

PS-91 Karachi Korangi-II: JI Muhammad Farooq has won the election with 23499 votes while Independent candidate Abid Jilani remained second with 22732 votes.

PS-92 Karachi Korangi-III: PTI-backed Wajid Hussain Khan has won the election with 28276 votes while JI Mirza Farhan Baig remained second with 20830 votes.

PS-93 Karachi Korangi-IV: PTI backed indpendent candidate Sajid Hussian has won with 20,372 votes. JI's candidate Abdul Hafeez  attained 10,832 votes. 

PS-94 Karachi Korangi-V: MQM Najam Mirza has won the election with 24161 votes while JI Arshad Hussain remained second with 19633 votes.

PS-95 Karachi Korangi-VI: PPPP Muhammad Fraooq has won the election with 16386 votes while PTI-backed independent candidate Raja Azhar Khan remained second with 11027 votes.

PS-96 Karachi Korangi-VII: PTI-backed independent candidate Muhammad Awais has won the election with 16997 votes while JI Shafique Ahmad remained second with 9644 votes.

PS-97 Karachi East-I: MQM Shoukat Ali has won the election with 4997 votes while PPPP Basheer Ahmad remained second with 4277 votes.

PS-98 Karachi East-II: MQM Arslan Pervaiz has won the election with 13903 votes while JI Hamad Ullah Khan remained second with 5551 votes.

PS-99 Karachi East-III: MQM Syed Farhan Ansari has won the election with 26658 votes while JI Muhammad Yonus Barai remained second with 22321 votes.

PS-100 Karachi East-IV: MQM Syed Muhammad Usman has won the election with 21970 votes while PPPP Haider Ali Imrani remained second with 15241 votes.

PS-101 Karachi East-V: MQM-Pakistan's Moeed Anwar won by getting 43080 votes while PPP’s Imran Wali got 9631 votes.

PS-102 Karachi East-VI:  MQM Muhammad Amir Siddique has won with 25,330 votes. JI's candidate Muhammad Najeeb Ayoubi came second with 19,512 votes.

PS-103 Karachi East-VII: MQM Faisal Rafiq has won the election with 15870 votes while JI Muhammad Younas remained second with 12345 votes.

PS-104 Karachi East-VIII: MQM Muhammad Danyal has won with 30,465 votes. JI's candidate Muhammad Junaid Mukati attained 23,588 votes.  

PS-105 Karachi East-IX: PPPP Saeed Ghani has won the election with 26168 votes while GDA Irfanullah Khan Marwat remained second with 20111 votes.

PS-106 Karachi South-I: PTI-backed independent candidate has won with 20,658 votes. PPPs Usman Ghani came second with 16,854. 

PS-107 Karachi South-II: PPPs Muhammad Yousaf has won with 26,902 votes. PTI-backed independent candidate Khalid came second with 19,673 votes.

 PS-108 Karachi South-III: MQM candidate Muhammad Dilawar has won the election with 20014 votes while PTI-backed independent candidate Murad Sheikh remained second with 16850 votes.

PS-109 Karachi South-IV:  PTI-backed independent candidate Bilal Hussain Khan Jadoon has won with 27,854 votes.
JI Muhammad Zakir Mehnati came second with 12,825 votes.

PS-110 Karachi South-V: PTI-backed Rehan Bandukda has won the election with 47450 votes while JI Sufiyyan remained second with 22630 votes.

PS-111 Karachi Keamari-I: PPP Liaqat Ali Askani has won the election with 29,396 votes while Independent candidate Amjad Iqbal Afridi remained second with 7,743 votes.

PS-112 Karachi Keamari-II:  PTI-backed independent candidate Sirbuland Khan has won with 16,287 votes.
PPP Muhammad Asif Saddique came second with 10,784 votes.

PS-113 Karachi Keamari-III: MQM Faheem Ahmed has won with 16,287 votes.
PTI-backed independent candidate Ghulam Qadir Balooch came second with 2,1031 votes.

PS-114 Karachi Keamari-IV: PTI-backed Muhammad Shabbir has won the election with 21531 votes while PPPP Niaz Muhammad Khan remained second with 14559 votes.

PS-115 Karachi Keamari-V: PTI-backed independent candidate Shahnawaz has won the election with 20,609 votes while PPP candidate Muhammad Asif Khan remained second with 18,939 votes.

PS-116 Karachi West-I: PPP candidate Ali Ahmed has won the election with 7,085 votes while MQM candidate Muhammad Raheel Khan  remained second with 3640. 

PS-117 Karachi West-II: MQM Sheikh Abdullah has won the election with 11154 votes while PTI-backed Tariq Hussain remained second with 9617 votes.

PS-118 Karachi West-III: MQM candidate Naseer Ahmed has won the election with 9,740 votes while independent candidate Salih Zada remained second with 3640.  

PS-119 Karachi West-IV: MQM candidate Ali Khurshidi has won the election with 22,020 votes while independent candidate Saeed Ahmed remained second with 16326. 

PS-120 Karachi West-V: MQM candidate Muhammad Muzahir Ameer has won the election with 35,789 votes while independent candidate Syed Shafique remained second with  21,097 votes. 

PS-121 Karachi West-VI: MQM candidate Ejaz Ul Haq has won the election with 26,454 votes while independent candidate Shakeel Ahmed  remained second with  21,460 votes. 

PS-122 Karachi Central-I: MQM candidate Rehan Akram has won the election with 48,170 votes while independent candidate Farhan Saleem  remained second with   23,018 votes. 

PS-123 Karachi Central-II: MQM Abdul Waseem has won getting 17526 votes while Muhammad Akbar of Jamaat-e-Islami got 13117 votes. 

PS-124 Karachi Central-III: MQM candidate Abdul Basit has won the election with 31,035 votes while JI candidate Muhammad Ahmed  remained second with 18,438 votes. 

PS-125 Karachi Central-IV: MQM candidate Syed Adil Askari has won the election with 63812 votes while JI candidate Muhammad Farooq Nematullah remained second with 49,943 votes. 

PS-126 Karachi Central-V: MQM Muhammad Iftikhar Alam has won the election with 38729 votes while JI Nusrat Ullah remained second with 25835 votes.

PS-127 Karachi Central-VI: MQM candidate Muhammad Maaz Mehboob has won the election with 23,389 votes while JI candidate Muhammad Masood Ali remained second with 12,642 votes. 

PS-128 Karachi Central-VII: MQM Taha Ahmed Khan has won the election with 34417 votes while JI Syed Wajih Hassan remained second with 18588 votes.

PS-129 Karachi Central-VIII: JI candidate Naeem Rehman Khan has won the election with 26,296 votes while MQM candidate Maaz Mukaddam remained second with 20,608 votes. 

PS-130 Karachi Central-IX: MQM Jamal Ahmed has won the election with 38884 votes while PTI-backed independent candidate Syed Faisal Ali remained second with 19089 votes.

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