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By Imtiaz Rafi Butt

March 9, 2023 06:59 PM

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The United States of America was the clear deciding factor in the Second World War. It is also true that the ascent of the United States to world dominance was paved by the defeat of the Germans in Europe. They were hailed as the armed nation that liberated the Western world. And so, from that point of dominance, the American agenda in the world has been the propagation of war and conflict. They have the highest military and intelligence budget in the world and continue to expand their area of influence in every part of the world. The United Kingdom in particular and Europe in general have learned to live under the protection of the Americans and the basic American policy to dominate conflicts and retain the top position. But there is a paradigm shift. The Americans have failed to check the growth of a nation that is much more organized, populous and prosperous which is China. When you combine the growth of China and the fact that it has already surpassed the American GDP, only leads to the fact that there is going to be a military conflict between the two nations in the near future and that the American Government looks at the rise of China has an existential threat. With this American mindset, there is truly no hope for peace in the world unless there is some change within the United States of America. 

Washington has lived under the continuous threat of War. The Second World War gave rise to the West versus the East cold war. The Soviet Union and the United States exposed the entire globe to an arms race. Various parts of Asia, Europe and the pacific were forced to choose sides. The threat of nuclear war loomed large. Soon there were flashpoints like the Cuban Missile Crisis. And then, the war in Vietnam and the war in Crimea. The episode continued till the provocations from both sides could not be contained. They avoided direct military conflict but proxy wars cost millions of lives and continuous destruction. The American agenda of dominance continued. The Soviet invasion of Afghanistan leads the American war machine to initiate another heavy war. The Afghans fought the Soviets supplied with expensive American armaments and the war resulted in the dissolution of the Soviet Union. But soon, the support of Israel, military bases in Saudia Arabia and the opposition of the Taliban gave rise to the threat of terrorism. Once again, the American war machine came into action and invaded Afghanistan. The war ended with nothing but losses and destruction and Americans were out of Afghanistan after 20 years. It was a grim reminder of the humiliation faced by the American Government in Vietnam. 

But the American reliance on War did not end with the War on Terror. The invasion of Iraq was a lie and a disaster. Countless lives were lost, and the Iraqi people suffered the consequences. The oil industry was behind the war-mongering and later on, Tony Blair admitted his mistake and apologized for joining the Americans in the War. The American army has always been at war and it will continue to do so. A look at American democracy can shed some light.

The American polity is largely based on the war narrative. Every time the Republicans have won an election, they have done so on the pretext of military conflict and war. Right from the Nixon times to the war propaganda of the Bush family. The Republicans gain votes for war support, giving a heroic picture of the American soldiers as saviours of freedom and democracy and the Democrats win elections to continue that war and make political adjustments to the military campaign. Freedom and Democracy are a façade that is drafted for the average American, behind it, there is a deep state that is behind setting the agenda, keeping America as the superior firepower. And whenever this authority is challenged, it leads to a regime change inside or outside America. The assassination of John F. Kennedy is a vivid illustration and later the ouster of Bill Clinton. While inside, the Americans, with their secret intelligence and massive defence budget, have managed to stay ahead of the game. Keeping Europe in servitude and constantly threatening any opposition across the world. Many conflicts have been fought through proxy support, funding and military bases. As of today, 80 countries in the world have active American military bases. 

But even the most elaborate plans by the American Government and the old-World Order have their flaws. The rise of China has taken Washington by surprise. China was supposed to develop under the watchful eyes of America as and when required. The most populous nation of the world was set to become the dirty manufacturing backyard for wealthy Americans and their allies. But China has slowly but surely brought itself out of servitude and has assumed the position of leadership. It has achieved this through democratization, industrialization and societal reform. The China Government has truly liberated itself since Mao Zedong. Now, Xi Jinping has become the modern face of China’s leadership. One which the World cannot ignore. And all this progress has been achieved, not through war and conflict but by adopting the free market economy, through export-led growth policies and accountability within the ranks of the State machinery. 

But there is no hope of War when a former Super Power is unable to accept the rise of another Superpower. The Americans with the help of NATO allies have begun another war in Asia in the form of Ukraine. It is set to be the Afghanistan of Europe. Under the slogan of nationalism and independence, the Ukraine Government is being projected as a frontline state against Russia and this could soon engage China and other countries as well. NATO is the arm which ensures American hegemony around the world backed by allied countries. The same mentality that emerged as a result of the Second World War. And now, Ukrainians, instead of vowing for peace and agreement that can end the agenda of NATO presence, is being provided American arms and munitions to continue the war. It is an existential threat to Russia and could result in a longer war. 

In the case of China, the visit of Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan was a total disregard for peace and harmony between two major and powerful countries. It appears that a conflict with China and not accepting a sharing of power in the world is the new agenda. With this American mentality, there is no chance of peace in the future. China and its Government clearly know what kind of adversary they are facing and they are ready to engage America and its allies. The only question is, is the rest of Humanity in a position to survive such a conflict? As China’s military strength grows combined with China’s growing economy, a conflict is inevitable and the only safe path is a change in American diplomacy that promotes democracy and peace as a political ideology but promotes warfare and bloodshed all over the world which is a recipe for perpetual war. 

Imtiaz Rafi Butt

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