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Dubai property leaks an attempt to tarnish Pakistan’s image

By News Desk

May 17, 2024 11:07 AM

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Asad Ali Malik

Dubai property leaks are a heinous conspiracy to defame Pakistan and gain political advantage as no Pakistani who owns property in Dubai is facing serious charges like aiding terrorists, money laundering and corruption, preliminary investigations reveal.

Pakistan chapter of Dubai unlocked known Dubai property leaks is politically motivated, sources claimed. Journalists, investigators from Pakistan who have been assigned for this project ignored C4ADS and OCCRP guidelines according to multiple sources who have been named in Dubai property leaks.

One ex-serviceman speaking to our correspondent confidentially said, these documents shared with Pakistan-based journalists to find out any owner of Dubai properties facing terror financing charges, involved in narcotics trafficking, or money laundering, if yes get all charges details and share them.

Another businessman confidentially said, he has been doubted PTI sympathiser from outside Pakistan used this dataset for political reasons. He said he failed to understand anti-PTI politicians were highlighted in Pakistani media over Dubai property leaks, specifically Faisal Vawda, Hussain Nawaz and President Zardari family. He also mentioned just before these leaks released founder PTI Imran khan refused to meet Members National Assembly Afzal Sher Marwat, and few hours later Afzal Sher Marwat’s name has been highlighted in Dubai property leaks. The PTI acted fast to suspend Afzal Sher Marwat’s party membership just hours before these leaks published.

Another ex-serviceman said he can smell conspiracy behind this news in Pakistan, they are trying to malign Pakistani ex-army officers in the shed of Dubai property leaks. He said as per C4ADS clear guidelines they are looking for narcotics traffickers, money launderers and terror financiers who may have been involved and my name is still in Dubai leaks, even though all declared.



Washington DC based centre for advance Defence Studies shared Data with Organised Crime & Curruption Reporting Project , they hired 76 journalists from 70 countries across the Globe to investigate their own people

1- if they involved any terror financing

2- money laundering allegations

3-facing any corruption charges

4- Narcotic traffickers/targeting Russian oligarchs

5- centre for advance defence studies shared data with organised crime & corruption Reporting Project

6- OCCRP hired 76 journalists including 4 Pakistan based Reporters,

7- OCCRP shared Data with Pakistani Reporters and assigned them to find any allegations on these individual or companies

8- OCCRP never advised them they are corrupt or used illicit way to bring money in Dubai

9- OCCRP looking to find if any property holders involved any illegal activities

10- Assignment holder Pakistani Reporters found nothing wrong doing in Dubai investment,


All Dubai-based Pakistani property holders cleared and they do not not face any criminal charges and proceedings against any individual in Pakistan.

11- from day one their names shouldn’t be in Dubai property leaks,


12- Not a single Pakistani, who owns Dubai property involved in terror financing, facing corruption charges in Pakistan, facing money laundering investigation in Pakistan, etc

13- C4ADS + OCCRP they shared Pakistani businessmen data with only one-point agenda to find out if any named property holder faces criminal proceedings and charges,

14- C4ADS disclaimer on website, (Dataset not imply the violation of any law or international agreement)

15- C4ADS Report released 14th of May, after till now only three countries seen to talk/debate about Dubai unlocked,

16- Only Pakistanis have been victims of these Leaks,

17- Pakistani media reports about Dubai unlocked,

17 A


Indian media never named any Indian businessman but they accused Pakistanis of buying properties in Dubai

18- C4ADS never claimed in dataset leak website, Dubai property holders named are involved in corrupt practices

19- Who can be part of this consortium-based investigation?  Answer is very simple, email given to website any journalist or scholars want to be part of this future project they can email send profiles and be part of this Investigation,


Pakistani reporters who have been part of this investigation should be answerable to clear why they mentioned their names as they have not been involved in any illicit activities according to the guidelines.

21- Buying property in any part of the world is not a crime,


So-called investigator/reporter should be held accountable for this project,

Indian media , Indian website, pro-Indian English TV Wion and Pakistan-based news websites and news channels are creating hypes on Dubai unlocked

The media in UK, USA and EU is keeping distance from Dubai leaks/

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