Grossi to purchase nuclear grocery

By Dr Asif Channer

February 27, 2023 09:25 PM

Pakistan is the 7th atomic power in the world and first among 57 Islamic states. It gained this status on 28th May 1998 but it attained cold capability in December 1983 in the General Zia era but could not expressively test it due to the Russian-Afghan war. There is a very strong, genuine reason and demanding background behind this nuclear status. Soon After partition, India which never accepted this division of the subcontinent and is an arch-rival of Pakistan, aggressively assaulted Junagarh State, occupied and incorporated it by force in September 1947 despite guidelines of the British Division Commission. In 1971, India attacked Pakistan and as a result, East Pakistan was separated from West Pakistan both by its direct and indirect involvement. Most importantly India got its first successful nuclear explosion in 1974 which created not only an imbalance of power but also posed a permanent threat to the sovereignty, integrity and survival of this country that already faced brutal acts of India. Thus to fill in this huge vacuum Pakistan started its nuclear programme in 1972 in response to strong stimuli of naked Indian assaults and to ward off the possibility of any such adventures and expeditions in future. A young Pakistani Scientist Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan working at Almino Nuclear Plant Netherlands was very much ambitious for Pakistani nuclear capability. He wrote to Mr Z A Bhutto the Prime Minister of Pakistan about his serious concerns about the urgent need for the nuclear status of Pakistan and the potential for this capability. His idea was really impressive and Mr Bhutto called him back to Pakistan and agreed to implement this wonderful plan and gave his famous statement ”we would eat gross but would attain nuclear capability”, and in this way, a solid nuclear foundation was laid down.

This was not an easy journey as it required huge finance, technology, equipment and raw material along with dedication, consistency and strong political commitment. Pakistan got the technology from Europe, equipment and raw material from Africa and finance from the Arab world and allies resultantly Pakistan emerged as a Nuclear power.

Previously, Pakistan has been utilising nuclear civil technology in health agriculture energy and related sectors since the 1980s. Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission was established in 1954. Pakistan is also a founder member of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) since 1957.

At present, there are nine nuclear states in the world that possess about 12,700 nuclear warheads and 90% of them are possessed by America and Russia. France, America and Russia are also called P3.

Pakistani nukes are more effective and dangerous in terms of power, speed and efficiency, having a power of about 30 to 45 Kilos TNT which is higher than all other atomic weapons of the world having the range to all the cities and regions of the globe resulting into utmost destruction.

Director General IAEA Mr Rafael Mariano Grossi visited Pakistan from February 15 to 16, 2023 for the first time. He visited the most sensitive installations and centres like National Radiation Emergency Control Centre (NRECC) and others and inaugurated some initiatives in Health, Agriculture, Energy etc under the apparent objectives of civil bilateral cooperation and coordination as announced by IAEA official statement but it sounds smelly and fishy. The timings of this visit are raising serious queries both at domestic and at international horizons. Pakistan is near a default situation as pointed out by Moody, Fitch and Standard ratings and passing through the worst socio-politico-economic crisis for the survival of this nuclear state the 1.2 billion dollars financial deal with IMF is in the final stages. Hence it is an ideal scenario to force Pakistan to choose from 3 Ds: Default, Disarmament and Dollars as the economy requires finance, politicians desire power and antagonists need nukes. To soothe the deal, the aforesaid DG met the Prime Minster, foreign minister, Minister for Planning and Development, Foreign Secretary and authorities of the Atomic Energy Commission of Pakistan.

Moreover, there appears to be a strong correlation between Mr Rafael Mariano Grossi’s visit to Pakistan and two successive major terrorist activities which took place in Peshawar and Karachi, the provincial capitals of KPK and Sindh Province, targeting the police, the most sensitive law and enforcement agency in Pakistan.

The last terrorist event took place within 24 hours of the conclusion of Mr Grossi’s visit to Pakistan on 17th February when a gang of terrorists attacked the Karachi Police Chief Office and remained there for long hours and engaged in an exchange of intense firing resulting in the deaths of 8 persons including terrorists and injuring 20 others.

Another major terrorist event took place on January 30th, 2023 targeting again law enforcement agency area’s mosque killing more than 100 persons and injuring about 200. This was the major incident after Army Public School Attack in Peshawar back in 2014.

In addition, in Balochistan, terrorist sabotage is going on once again every other day targeting both law enforcement Agencies and innocent civilians. These fresh waves of terrorism, as claimed by some think tanks might serve as a strong justification that nuclear weapons are not in safe hands as the terrorists have easy access to the most sensitive areas hence they might get access to the atomic nukes easily. So global peace and security are at high risk and Pakistan has been failing to protect them. Therefore, these weapons must be kept in safe custody and must be taken from Pakistan.

Unfortunately, Pakistan has been made compromised in a very well-organised way, firstly through IMF in whose hands an immature and incompetent former Pakistani Prime Minister had been playing. He was trapped by IMF by sanctioning loans on Uncle Sam’s consent during his three nad a half years of puppet rule which was more than 80 % of the total loan Pakistan received during the last 60 years from IMF and is accounting for today’s ongoing financial turmoil.

Secondly, the government change as a regime change was brought about by the US as Uncle Sam is notorious for, thus bringing about political instability. Thirdly, the worst-ever floods affected three provinces of Pakistan displacing 3.5 million people and resulting in a loss of about $33 billion. Importantly it is claimed to be a technological disaster by HAARP technology used intensely and extensively by the US thus fueling the economic crises.

Finally, the well-sponsored fresh wave of terrorism which may propagate further in the country is a serious concern. In the current socio-economic, political and law & order crises Pakistan need financial support from IMF desperately and is ready to bow before the IMF and its sponsors at the cost of disarmament and its sovereignty both physically and mentally.

Well done and well played Mr Grossi you and your patrons deserve appreciation. Grossi has purchased Pakistani nukes enormously and grossly‼!

Dr Asif Channer

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