The Census, Consensus and Nonsense

By Dr Asif Channer

March 20, 2023 05:34 PM

With many apologies, it appears to be nonsense that without consensus nor new census hence without creating new constituencies, their limitation and demarcation as per actual population growth and size, the general elections have been ordained in Punjab and KPK province in a blatant manner without comprehending the ground reality of current socio-politico-economic scenario, inconsistent with the current law and order situation.

The decision is not only without senses rather it is nuisance without conscience. The Country has been passing though its worst and evident socio-economic-political turmoil. This orphan Nation and Country is being maltreated and maladministered with overt maladies of some actors and their directors. Tug of War among political parties and institutions has been compromising the sovereignty, Integrity and ideology of Pakistan towards a point of no return. 

It’s a pity that no one is taking over the situation seriously. The public has been so immersed in the economic crisis that they are unable to realize the severity of the situation except worrying about their bread and butter. The Institutions have been losing their credibility trust and faith because of their ultra vires, magnetism towards favouritism and evident polarization.

The decision seems to be not only immature, manipulated and manoeuvred but would augment the Constitutional and political Crisis, thus may worsen the socio-politico-economic scenario in the country.

Though the Constitution of Pakistan describes clearly and agreed-upon time frames of 90 days for the elections once the assemblies are dissolved at the same, it lay down the other mandatory conditions as a prerequisite for these elections in a broader sense.

The Constitution which is celebrating its 50th anniversary has been brutally lacerated on daily basis by all pillars of the state leaving it in adversary and controversy.

In a reality, the constitution has been turned into a tolled paper being used by all pillars of the state indiscriminately. The legislators, the Interpreters the implementers and the propagators have been turned into Brokers of a Brothel house perusing pleasure living in utopia leaving the public in hell.

Unfortunately, the unnecessary and unjustifiable intervention by the institutions in derailing the political system has caused great damage to Pakistan thus preventing it to make any progress over the last 75 years and by the irony of fate this vicious cycle is making its new turn once again.

Pakistan's Situation is getting worse than Afghanistan which has been in a state of political instability for the last four decades. The Constitution is not only touching the figure of 50 but inflation is also racing towards it.

In addition, these elections cannot be conducted freely, fairly, peacefully and impartially amidst fresh ongoing intense political unrest so created by a  major violent political party victimizing, mesmerizing and influencing the institutions and constitution enormously and intentionally. Despite the Impartiality, sincerity of the Federal government and Election Commission of Pakistan and caretaker governments in these provinces any adverse Results of the elections would not be digested and accepted openly by aforesaid violent party and might end up in serious consequences including paving the path for the tyrant military rule once again.

Institutions are both protecting and promoting a person on the scene but they are losing their own trust faith and credibility through their body language and actions.

It is the beauty of a democratic system that the constitution is elaborated only in the best interest of the nation maintaining flexibility in accordance with the exigencies by considering all antagonistic Conditions.  

Atomic Pakistan is being disintegrated in steady, stepwise and well-planned manners. It has lost Juan girth, East Pakistan and recently Kashmir, Sind is claiming to be a Hind, Baluchistan a greater Baluchistan, KPK a Pukhtunistan and Punjab has been waking up Punjabis with the strong backup of the institutions being dictated and controlled and monitored.

In history, all the illegitimate steps taken by the custodians of these institutions have always been declared legitimate lawful and progenitors of the doctrine of necessity. They have been committing gross ultra vires and resulting in irreparable losses to the nation and country making some cheap deals and tractions. Needless to mention as the majority of these conscientious loyal after fulfilling their commitments have left the county by securing their assets, businesses families and bright future.

Regrettably, once and again institutions of Pakistan exhibited similar behaviour to the supreme court by taking so moto action and deciding the provincial assembly elections in Punjab and KPK at that point in time when the same matter was sub juice in the High Court. Though this is a prerogative or authority is vested in SC but this could have been awaited tail decision of the subordinate court. In addition the leniency granted to a former Pakistani prime and his party minister in rapid succession by the courts despite utter defiance of the court’s orders, violating not only law and constitution but also threatening, pressuring lacerating the decorum of the courts through the armed mob and trained terrorists. Furthermore creating a state within the state fuelling violence against the state damaging lives and properties of public and government agencies at the cost of the innocent public including women and children challenging the writ of the state and taking no due suo motu action has raised doubts and queries in the minds.

Census and these general elections need a heavy budget, Human resources security and other resources are quite burdensome to the country, especially one that is already near default status.

Moreover, the worst ever heavy flooding in three Provinces last year, though claimed to be a manmade disaster and a gift of HAARP Technology, has resulted in the loss of about 33 million dollars, and a significant number of the population has been displaced and are in misery deserving finical support and rehabilitation, rather these preterm election resources must preferably be spent on their welfare and reconstruction. Moreover due to this huge shattering and scattering any haste or urgency in the completion of the Census may result in a defective population Count, and miscalculation of all related Socio-economic-political indicators thus the creation of new constituencies, limitation and demarcation might also be badly affected resultantly the objectives of this ongoing expansive and digital Census might not be achieved.

Apparently, at that moment there is no urgency or emergency for provincial elections while the Federal government and other provincial governments have to complete their tenure constitutionally and the government is struggling to handle the serious economic crisis and its sequels including law and orders and political problems created and inherited to her by its immature and puppet predecessor. 

It is relevant to point out here that despite Impartiality, elections are conducted by the sincere efforts of the federal government, the election commission of Pakistan and caretaker governments the scenario would be a nightmare if PTI loses these elections, would it accept the Results or mandate!!. The situation would worsen than this ongoing situation being witnessed over the last few days in Pakistan and might lead to civil war as the former prime minister is reiterating or to military rule nor chances of any foreign invasion can be ruled out.

Undoubtedly, the Constitution is supreme but it should be interpreted in accordance with the serious ground realities of the Country with impartiality and magnanimity not with myopia and utopia.

The interpretation of the constitution has been made complex and complicated and illogical as the general elections have been deicide Punjab and KPK as per old census, constituencies but just after a few months, the national and remaining provincial elections would be held in accordance with the new census and constituencies. But the dilemma would be the by-elections in Punjab and KPK.

It is a great misfortunate that the institutions have become heavily politicized and need urgent unblock surgery before the upcoming general elections in the best interest of the nation and country.

Importantly, these provincial elections have nothing to do with the major problem of the country, the economic problem. Would these provincial elections bring about economic change reducing the inflation rates and their consequences, unemployment, creating job opportunities etc. 

Let the census be completed in the country thoroughly not in hurry, worry or any pressure ensuring its accuracy and reliability. Subsequently, new constituencies should be created with well-defined demarcations and limitations. Let the Federal government and remaining provincial to complete their term. Let the finical crisis and law and order be settled thus creating an ideal socio-economic-political milieu allowing the public to decide their future without any intrinsic or extrinsic involvement. Let all the pillars of the state and stakeholders to ponder over ongoing crises and devise a mechanism acceptable to all to come out of the labyrinth by getting to consensus, census avoiding nonsense!!!

Dr Asif Channer

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